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Website design and development

Layout and Design

All the web pages should have navigation aid so that it will be convenient for the user to move to the next page. The web pages should have graphics with less color.

Original Content
Each web page should be unique. By doing this, the user feels like navigating towards the next web page. Any overlap of the content may lose the interest of the user.There are so many ways you can make the web site attractive. Web site design services include the following:

  • Static web design
  • Dynamic web design
  • Web site re-design
Static Web site Design
A static web site is the simplest way to showcase your business online. It is the easiest type of web site to set up, but making changes to static web sites require web programming knowledge.
Dynamic web design
If you require regular or constant updates to your web site, consider dynamic web site services.
Web site re-design
As the Internet grows, outdated methodologies are causing more and more web sites to fall to the side.It is important that you keep the look of your web site fresh and maintain cutting-edge standards of design, navigation, and functionality.You should regularly schedule a complete redesign of your web site, periodically giving your visitors a new and exciting experience. This service will ensure:

  • Increases your user’s usability
  • Professional execution of the web site.
  • Enhance the perception of your organization.

While designing a custom web site for our clients, we ensure the following:
  • Information architecture: structural design of shared information environments.
  • Accessibility

Flash web site design is useful and helpful in creating innovative design of the web site. This web site also creates animation with sound effects, thereby leaving long-lasting impact on the users. Flash web pages are full of graphics and multimedia content.You can do flash animations and corporate flash presentations so that the user will be attracted to the web site . You can utilize flash in your web site in forms of:-

  • Flash Introductory page
  • Animated Logo design
  • Photo galleries
  • Animation with background music
  • Flash Buttons
  • Flash Menus

In flash animation, combination of different fonts and effects and an unlimited number of text lines is possible.
Our approach to web application begins with creating systems that meet functional requirement and serve large organization goal. We enhance the work quality and efficiency of the users.

Our application development services include:
If you require regular or constant updates to your web site, consider dynamic web site services.

  • Strategy and planning – A complete needs analysis
  • User interface design – Application design, layout, and navigational controls
  • Software Development engineering – Full functional and technical documentation
  • Production and deployment -quality assurance
Some of the types of applications we have developed:
Need of outsourcing

The reason of outsourcing is:

  • To reduce capital expenditure over a business process.
  • The management gets more time to concentrate over core competencies.
  • We need not depend up on internal resources.
  • Increases the flexibility to meet the changing business and commercial conditions.
Types of outsourcing
offshore outsourcing: When a company on another continent is involved is offshore outsourcing. Near shore: This refers to outsourced projects outside the country, but on the same continent. Eg: US based company outsourcing to a company in Canada.
 Why should we outsource?
Outsourcing depends on various factors: If we take an example of IT, there could be one of the circumstances favoring an outsourcing solution: –

  • Less of senior IT management
  • IT strategy not consistent with business strategy
  • IT budget is not predictable
  • High inventory costs
Benefit of outsourcing
Outsourcing is useful in increasing product quality, lowering firm consumer cost. 

  • To focus on core competencies.
  • Benefit the economy in terms of productivity.
Disadvantage of outsourcing
Outsourcing may result in the loss of flexibility in reacting to changing business conditions and cost savings. If your company is outsourcing business process such as payroll, confidential information such as salary will be known to service provider. So we must be careful in choosing which process to outsource and which one not.
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